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Luxury Safes

Inter Sicherheits Service, being a prominent safes manufacturer in Europe, fulfils the customers’ expectations with an utmost care.

The PREMIUM series has been present in our offer for a few years. Finished with precious materials, the safes in PREMIUM series increase not only the value in use but also the aesthetic one. Products made in such a manner may turn out to be an appealing addition to every interior.

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Sejfy luksusowe

Wooden finish

Among a broad range of wood species available on the market, we have chosen those which enable us to change the safe into a grand piece of furniture. In order to face the customers’ needs, the safes may be finished in matt or high-gloss. All details made of wood constitute a compelling benefit to safes with high-gloss paint finish.

Leather finish

The color and type is chosen by the customer from the full range of leather samples, which are introduced to our recipients. The ability to design the safe according to individual demands, leads us to guaranteed customer satisfaction. The handmade edging of every detail, makes our safes rise to the level of internationally known vehicle brands.

Ornamental aspect

The women, who have a taste for more sophisticated products, are welcome to familiarize with the ROYAL series. The ROYAL safes are figured products designed to coffer the jewelry. The possibility to arrange the drawers according to individual needs, makes the safes’ interiors look even more personalized.

Alcantara finish

When designing our products we do our best to keep up with the constantly changing trends on the market. Furthermore, we use original materials that derive from the furniture industry, which may be successfully used to finish the safes. Thus, we also apply Alcantara material to obtain a sophisticated design.

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