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Inter Sicherheits Service Sp. z o.o. has been a leading manufacturer of security equipment in Poland and one of the largest companies of this type in Europe for 25 years. Our founder and first owner was Richard Ross - co-creator of the FORMAT Tresorbau GmbH brand and a prominent expert in the field of property security.

From the very beginning of our business activity, we have paid particular attention to the quality and functionality of our products. Due to the long-lasting cooperation with our trading partners from west Europe mainly from Germany, we were able to combine absolute German precision and attention to detail with Polish skill and a practical approach. Our expansion began on European markets. In this way, when entering the Polish market, we had already acquired numerous experiences, and we had achieved standards whose quality far exceeds the level of national competition.

As the experts in the mechanical security market, we were well aware that the market would appreciate certified products.

Since the beginning of the company the products were highly rated by research bodies around the world.

Our experience has been confirmed by numerous international and Polish certificates, such as.:

776 products
28 product categories
2611 products
119 product categories
80 products
9 product categories

An additional advantage of choosing a certified product is the possibility to obtain insurance more easily.

Unchangeably, our principal value is safety.

ISS has ISO, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates which are internationally recognized management system and environment protection standards that allow us to establish a production process that is more efficient in terms of resources as well as to reduce waste and atmospheric emission.

We offer a wide range of top quality safes and strongboxes that guarantee effective protection of valuable property. Our offer also includes deposit cabinets, bank systems, vaults and cabinets for weapon and documents. Moreover, we are the only company in Poland to produce fireproof safes.

One of the key objectives of Inter Sicherheits Service Sp. z o.o. is to continuously meet the needs of clients and to customize products to fit their individual needs. Therefore, our offer is dedicated to individual customers, companies, banks and institutions.

We attach great importance to the esthetic design of our safes, and as a result we may offer products with wood, glass and metal inserts, and in a wide range of RAL colors. Apart from production of property security equipment, we also provide additional services associated with the treatment of all types of sheet metal. Our consultants may also provide you with professional advice in each of these areas.

Our work has been awarded, among others:

Our products pass the most demanding tests in experienced certification institutions. We make sure that the product that you receive meets your expectations.


An independent institution that for decades cares about safety and trust in the field of fire protection and security systems. VdS develops advanced safety concepts for significant industrial and commercial companies, leading manufacturers and integrators of computer systems.

A "brand" of European Security Systems Association (ESSA) eV which is an institution for the accreditation of security products in accordance with the EN 45011 standard.

IMP Institute of Precision Mechanics - one of the oldest and most famous Institutes in Poland, it is a research and development institution for the certification of anti-burglary devices.

A CNPP certification body for products in the field of fire protection, security and burglary based on tests carried out in their laboratories, control and audit systems as well as fire protection and theft protection systems. A2P certificate of the European Security Centre CNPP in France.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 are the certificates awarded by Bureau Veritas Certification for the production and sale of safes as well as metal industry products and services and the production and assembly of mechanical and electronic parts for security locks and control elements.

VdS Certificates

Over 100 certificates granted by the VdS for safes, electronic locks, alarm system components in compliance with the following European standards: EN 1047-1 (S60P, S120P, S60DIS), EN 1143-1, EN 1143-2, EN 14450, EN 1300.

ECBS Certificates

Certificates awarded by ECBS in compliance with the EN 1143-1, EN 1143-2 standard

IMP Certificates

Several certificates awarded by the Institute of Precision Mechanics for safes and electronic locks in compliance with the following standards: PN-EN 1143-1, PN-EN 1143-2, PN-EN 14450, PN-EN 1300, PN-EN 15659

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