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Model save4ever IV

  • High security safes
  • IV
  • LFS 30
  • ECBS
  • IMP
  • EU

Security level: Class IV according to EN 1143-1
Fire rating: Fire-protected safes according to EN 15659 LFS 30 P

Feature - The safe has been approved in accordance with EN 15659 in fire class LFS 30 P.
All models are prepared for the installation of alarm components.

Save4ever IV series - safes for storing valuables with ECB-S certification.

The safes have a double security mechanism, which is an additional glass plate that activates the locking protection in case of an attempted break-in.
The save4ever IV series comes standard with holes that allow the installation of alarm system components.
An additional security feature of the save4ever IV series is light fire resistance, confirmed by certification and tests carried out in specialized certified institutions.
The light fire resistance, defined by the LFS 30 class, provides the stored property with short-term 30-minute protection from fire.
The EN 15659 standard implies: heating the safe with the furnace to a temperature of 840° C and measuring the temperature inside the safe at critical points during the heating period - certification label permanently fixed to the safe is a guarantee for properly conducted test in specialized certification institutes

Details: Model save4ever IV

save4ever IV series - high security safe - ECB•S certification.


Body: multi-walled body (60 mm thick)

Door: multi -walled door construction (120 mm thick)

Locking: 4-way locking bolt system - incl. overlaping profile on the hinge side

Standard option

Lock:2 high security key locks II class VdS II - class B (each lock with 2 keys)

Boltwork handle: handle, protruding 79 mm

Hinges: external

Door opening angle: 180°

Mounting holes: 1 hole in the floor and 1 in the backwall (not drilled) up to 1/3 height

Colour: RAL 7035 (light grey)

  • Locking options

    • Standard locking system

      • Standard option
    • Optional locking system

      • Electronic lock STELLAR BUSINESS
      • Electronic lock STELLAR BASIC
      • Electronic lock Primor 3000 lev. 5 FS
      • Electronic lock Primor 3000 lev. 15 FS
      • Electronic lock B90
  • Accessories

  • Sample equipment for high security safes

  • Paint colour

    • RAL 7024
    • RAL 7035

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