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Model safe4gun

  • Gun safes
  • I
  • ECBS
  • EU

Security level: Class I according to EN 1143-1

A series of safes for small arms in the I ECBS burglary resistance grade.

The safes are prepared for storing up to 40 units of small arms.

Weapon safes are equipped with small arms’ holders and foam carpet as standard, their number depends upon the model.

Depending on the needs, there is a possibility to order additional sets of them.

The movable shelves allow you to arrange the interior of the safe on your own, which, due to its first burglary resistance grade, can also be used to store valuables.

Additional equipment such as a hook bar makes it easy to store a small number of keys.

The hook bar is intended for self-assembly, the decision on its location is left to the user.

Safes with a key lock are supplied with a set of 3 keys. We also offer safes with different variants of electronic locks or a mechanical code lock.

Details: Model safe4gun

safe4gun series - high security safe for gun - ECB•S certification.

Body: multi-walled
Door: multi -walled door construction)
Locking: 4-way locking bolt system - incl. overlaping profile on the hinge side

Standard option
Lock: high security key lock I class VdS with three keys (95 mm)
Boltwork handle: knob, protruding 12mm
Hinges: external
Door opening angle: 180°
Mounting holes: 1 hole in the floor and 1 in the backwall (not drilled)

  • Locking options

    • Standard locking system

      • Standard option
    • Optional locking system

      • Mechanical code lock 3390
      • Electronic lock SOLAR BUSINESS
      • Electronic lock SOLAR BASIC
      • Electronic lock Primor 3000 lev. 5 FS
      • Electronic lock Primor 3000 lev. 15 FS
      • Electronic lock B30 - only in selected models
  • Accessories

    • Foam gun holder - 6 pc.
    • Foam gun holder - 8 pc.
  • Sample equipment for gun safes

  • Paint colour

    • RAL 7024
    • RAL 7035

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